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about FNF

Functional Nutrition Fitness was started with longevity and sustainability in mind.

Most weight-loss programs that promote an end-date

are not designed for you to never have to do them again...

they are designed knowing that the restriction and change that your body

adapts to during that time WILL yield quick results, but nonetheless

a quick rebound to old habits.

I became tired of seeing systems celebrate over quick weight loss and long term calorie deficits.

I know how frustrating it is to feel like you can't figure out what works for you,

and I want to set you up for success.

What separates my coaching from most, is that I emphasize the importance of mindset work.

I believe that while motivation and determination can encourage us to start making changes,

until we see a shift in our own mindset, that motivation and determination will be short lived.

If motivation, determination, and willpower were enough, we would all have it figured out by now.


Until we fix what is going on in our heads,

we won't have much luck fixing what goes on our plates for the long term.

Because the heart of my coaching lies in mindset work, my clients are expected to reflect weekly on the journaling question and podcast episode within my

#MondayMotives email newsletter.

The mind and body are very much connected.

We want the two to be in sync to create lasting, sustainable change.




Hi, I'm Katie!

I love working with clients that are interested in leading an overall healthier lifestyle. I truly enjoy the clients that have a not-so-great relationship with food and are looking to disconnect from aesthetic goals, but I still enjoy being the tough love and educational coach along a client's fat loss or muscle gain journey as well. 

I created FNF with longevity and sustainability in mind. I am strictly against yo-yo dieting, restrictive diets, detox programs, and meal replacement shakes. I believe that everyone at some point in their lives should invest in a nutrition coach. And above all, be willing to #dothework (AKA the inner, deeper personal work).

With a love of all things CrossFit, yoga, and cooking, I believe in balancing both our physical body and our emotional/energetic body alongside of enjoying the art and education behind food.

"You can quit alcohol, you can quit drugs, but you can't quit food." -Katie Podralski

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