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Affiliate Program

Why we created the program...

We designed our Affiliate Program when we realized there was a huge gap in today's gyms and studios. Most offered fitness and movement, but were missing the most important component for their members' success... NUTRITION! We know how frustrating it can be to see your members make serious progress in the beginning when starting their fitness journey, and then hit a plateau due to their lack of knowledge and accountability with food. Rather than scrambling to hire someone with a background in nutrition or to invest time and money becoming certified yourself, we want to make the process simple to add nutrition services to your membership. 

About the Program

Our Approach

We want to set up your members for success through education and accountability. Which is why we begin by coming to your gym or studio and hosting a Functional Nutrition seminar. Please see our Seminars & Workshops page for more information on what this seminar entails, hereAfter the seminar, we offer your members the option to participate in a 6-Week Group Coaching Program. For the Group Coaching, we set up a private Facebook group for your members ONLY and give them daily tips, education, and a structured habit plan over the course of six weeks for them to improve their nutrition. At any point in time, if a member is interested in 1:1 coaching for individual attention, we set them up with a coach immediately to begin. 

Note: As the owner of the business, every month you will receive a percentage of the profit from our services. Consider this extra income a great way to put towards new equipment, monthly bills, or adding beverages and snacks to your waiting area! We truly want our program to benefit everyone. 

Getting Started

Apply & Begin

Because of high demand, we ask you to fill out the application below so we can get to know you and your business before moving forward. We travel to gyms and studios for the initial seminar, so knowing your location is helpful for us to know for planning logistics!

Once we have reviewed your application, we will send you an email to set up a call to discuss percentages, choose a seminar date, and supply you with marketing content. 

We look forward to working with you and your space. 

Cheers to making people fitter, happier, and healthier!

Select the services you currently offer:

Thanks for your interest! You will receive an email from us with Next Steps once we have reviewed your information. Have an awesome day!

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