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Katie loves working with clients that are working towards an overall healthier lifestyle. She does really well with the clients that have a not-so-great relationship with food and are looking to disconnect from aesthetic goals. 

Katie created FNF with longevity and sustainability in mind. She is strictly against yo-yo dieting, restrictive diets, detox programs, and meal replacement shakes. She believes that everyone at some point in their lives should invest in a nutrition coach. And above all, be willing to #dothework.

With a love of both Crossfit and Yoga, Katie believes in balancing both our physical body and our emotional/energetic body.

"You can quit alcohol, you can quit drugs, but you can't quit food." -Katie Podralski


Chris comes from an extensive athletic background and believes that most everyone, like himself, need some kind of mindset work when it comes to their relationship with food-- and he wants to help people through all of it. He works best with the client that is ready to make a change and is willing to work hard while making the changes necessary to create new habits and reach new heights in their life. He believes that working with a coach to dial in your nutrition is the most effective way to learn what works best for you, and that our relationship with what we eat and drink is ever evolving and should always be an emphasis in our lives.






Like most people, Jaimie was overwhelmed by the amount of information out there when she was trying to take control of her own nutrition. Jaimie decided to become educated in nutrition so that she could not only help herself, but to be able to help as many people as she could. Jaimie is great at simplifying what it takes to have a better body composition alongside of teaching clients to fuel their lifestyle. She enjoys working with clients that are eager to learn, want to understand their body & how it responds to different foods, and overall just loves a client that is willing to put forward the effort-- no matter what the goal is!


Before being introduced to lifting and proper nutrition principles, she started a sedentary job full time and realized that something would need to change, and fast. During her first year, she gained over 30 pounds. Determined to make a change, she started going to the gym, doing whatever workout she found on Instagram that looked interesting. After a year she decided to learn more about nutrition and programming when she realized “fitspo” accounts weren’t the key. 


Lyndsi is now a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and is working on her Fitness Nutrition specialty. She is currently training for powerlifting and enjoys seeing how food affects her strength and energy during tough training sessions. Lyndsi loves helping clients realize that food is not the enemy, but a crucial tool in achieving aesthetic and performance goals among other things. She believes proper nutrition will have a profound impact across almost all facets of life. Helping clients feel good about their body and physical abilities, cultivate a better mindset, and improve their overall health is something Lyndsi is passionate about. She enjoys working with go-getters that are ready to make lifestyle changes that last and have a strong desire to learn more about nutrition.






Ariel first started becoming interested into nutrition during her time in college. After taking an introduction of nutrition course, she became very intrigued about food and how it affects the body. From there she decided to pursue Nutritional Sciences as a major. Once she graduated she continued her nutrition education and became certified as a Health Coach through American Council on Exercise.

Ariel wants to work with clients who are eager and willing to put in the work. Learning  about macros and food is the first step, but being able to implement that knowledge into your lifestyle is the next step. She is looking for clients who aren’t looking for a “quick-fix”, but are seeking a healthy lifestyle. If you are feeling overwhelmed with where to start, Ariel wants to be the one to get you on track. ]She’s all about incorporating mental strength as well. A healthy body also requires a healthy mind.




Fitness & Nutrition have always played a huge part in my life. My passion for helping others improve their relationship with food comes from my own food struggles growing up. Proper nutrition & mindset are usually the missing pieces of the puzzle for most people. You can’t expect to be the healthiest version of you without investing in yourself! My goal is to educate clients on awareness, building habits, accountability, and self confidence through nutrition & fitness. I enjoy working with clients that are ready to make themselves a priority, put in the work, and continue to show up when life gets messy!




Bio coming soon!

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