• meal plans

  • meal replacement shakes

  • skinny teas

  • a detox program

  • macro templates

  • restrictive spreadsheets

  • endless emails/documents

  • a list of 'good' and 'bad' foods

  • a 30-day plan or quick fix


  • an individualized plan with your own coach

  • a macro-based approach

  • a lifestyle change

  • assistance with meal ideas

  • improving current dietary choices

  • navigating the grocery store

  • learning how to meal prep

  • weekly assessment of your food intake, weight, body measurements, sleep, stress, energy levels, mood, and digestion

  • weekly journaling and/or podcast listening to increase adherence to a long lasting lifestyle change

  • tips, advice, guidance, and education based off of you as an individual from your coach, who always has your best interest and goals in mind

nutrition coaching is for the individual that... 

  • is tired of doing detoxes, shakes, and restrictive diets

  • wants to make a serious lifestyle change

  • has serious goals such as weight loss, muscle gain, weight gain, etc

  • wants to understand their own nutritional needs 

  • is looking to take their nutrition to the next level

  • needs to be held accountable

  • wants to be well rehearsed with their food choices + habits 

  • has improvements to be made with their relationship with food

  • is ready to show up and #DoTheWork


overall, what does it look like to be a client?

We follow a macro-based approach which means you will be expected to weigh your food on a food scale, and plug the measurements into an app called Myfitnesspal. Depending on your goals and your willingness to adhere, your coach may or may not have you do this for an extended period of time. Every week you will submit your check-in to your coach through your client portal. In this check-in you will attach your progress photos, weight, and occasional body measurements. Along with that you will answer a few reflection questions regarding your overall week, activity levels, digestion, sleep, energy, mood, hunger, and stress levels. You will also be expected to respond about the journaling and/or podcast that we put into our #MondayMotives email newsletter. After you submit your check-in, your coach will respond within 30hrs with tips, suggestions, wins, opportunities, and focuses for the coming week to keep you on track with your goals.

i have never weighed my food and have not had experience with macros. is this still for me?

Yes this is still for you! When you sign up as a client, you fill out an in depth sign up form that gives you the space to tell your coach where your level of knowledge and experience level is. Your coach will know the right steps for you to take. If you have a group of friends or coworkers that want to take a month long deep dive into basic nutrition knowledge and helpful preparation for 1:1 coaching, check out our 4-Week Group Coaching.

what do i need to begin?

You will need to download the Myfitnesspal app, and pick up a food scale. The food scale does not have to be anything more than $10 as it just needs to weigh in ounces and grams. 

how will my coach and i communicate?

When you select your coach and make your first payment, you will be redirected to your sign-up form with your own client login through our client portal. You and your coach can send messages back and forth in our system, email, or set up calls via zoom call or personal phone. 

What is the cost and is there a commitment?

Having a 1:1 nutrition coach is $150/month. We require a 3-month commitment.

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the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth


the condition of being physically fit and healthy

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