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Our Approach and Beliefs...

We take a macro-based approach with our clients because it is important for us to assess people with ample information on their daily intake. Data is king. Data is not only extremely important for coaches to be able to manage each person as a true individual, but it is also extremely important for the client to have data on themselves. Instead of guessing and drawing conclusions with little to no knowledge of what is truly 'missing' from their current efforts, things become more obvious. We can start to see trends, habits, and notice where things need to be adjusted. This is why we believe that tracking our food is essential for at least a short period of our lifetime. You can read more about our exact approach with Nutrition Coaching here.

Personal development is at our core. Too often we see nutrition businesses prescribing macro numbers, meal plans, templates, and food rules with zero interest in the individual's mentality towards their goals, themselves, and food. What happens when vacation comes? When you want to go out to dinner with your significant other? How do you manage celebrations, such as your friend's wedding? When you felt emotional and ate more than you normally would? How are we supposed to expect people to manage their lives and stay consistent when there is little to no room for flexibility? At FNF we give our clients podcasts and journaling questions every single week, and ask them to take time to reflect weekly as the minimum expectation. We supply them with the tools necessary to manage the times where food is meant for bonding and enjoyment, and we help them make their decisions based off of their emotions and mindset towards them. We take the time and effort to make sure our clients are changing their habits in a sustainable way, sometimes that takes a client 3 months, and other clients over a year to nail down.


There is no end-date when it comes to YOUR nutrition and how it plays a role in YOUR life.

One thing that we draw a clear line, hard NO around, is the use of meal replacement shakes, detox products, fat burners, and other supplements that promote weight-loss. We understand that most everyone, at some point in their life has attempted at least one of these methods or used these products. Our belief is that we do not need any of those things. Not one, for any period of time. Not even for 30 days.


We focus on creating a lifestyle that is based off of an intake of mostly vegetables, high quality meats, healthy fats, regular movement, and constant self reflection. There is no restriction. You can have alcohol, you can have donuts... Our focus is on your life and how to incorporate those things while making strides towards your goal.

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