Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching


We guide our clients through an individualized macro-based approach. Yes, this means our clients are expected weigh their food, log it into an app called MYFITNESSPAL, and check in weekly with their coach. Our macro-based approach is focused on periodization. This means that based off your history with dieting and current habits, as well as your goals, your coach may not start you off on a 'cut' (calorie deficit). You may need to spend time at maintenance calories, or even a calorie surplus, before you are allowed to diet. We will not focus on aesthetics until your health is in check. 


The weekly check-ins consist of clients filling out their weekly self-reflection form. In this form they answer various questions given to them by their coach about their overall week, sleep, hunger, energy levels, exercise, and a journaling question that changes weekly. Once they have completed the questionnaire, clients attach their photos of themselves to their check-in and submit it to their coach. When their coach has received their form, the coach will respond with feedback, habits, and a plan to work towards for the coming week.  


We are looking at the all-encompassing areas of health: nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, hunger, digestion, hormone + menstrual health, recovery, and overall lifestyle habits. We know that there are days where you should listen to your body, your mental health, or enjoy life- and we don't expect perfection because of it! We are working through your lifestyle and on your timeline, not our own.


Most people become frustrated -or even quit something- when they have zero accountability to stay on track, have no one to communicate with when they are lost with no plan at the grocery store, and no one to confide in when they've blacked out the night before arm's deep in a (now) empty bag of chips. This is why you will have access to texting and emailing, as well as being able to schedule calls with your coach. You will also be added to the private Facebook group for active clients only! In that Facebook group we share helpful articles, recipes, podcasts, and clients can share their meals and grocery finds.


Our education, accountability, communication, and support is here to guide you in a way where some day you won't need us full-time anymore.




If you are fed up with trying every diet, fulfilling sales of your social media friend's product business, and ready to learn YOUR body with the individual approach it deserves- fill out your information below to get started!

Note: Once your payment is sent, you will be forwarded to your official client sign up form where you will be asked a multitude of questions so your coach can get to know you personally!

If you have any questions that were not answered from looking through our site before you get started, please send an email

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