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The start of Functional Nutrition Fitness...

Functional Nutrition Fitness was started by Katie Podralski.


Katie studied Nursing after high school and found herself interested in two things: Nutrition and Psychology. While working at the hospital doing 1:1 observation with psychiatric patients during college, Katie became extremely curious about mental health. It was most common for her to sit with patients that were struggling with eating disorders, and while listening to their stories and struggles, Katie started to realize that although she did not have their same degree of struggles-- she was very similar... and so were her friends and family with their thoughts towards food and the way they use food to cope with every day life. Since she did not see herself wanting to work in a clinical setting, Katie decided to leave nursing school and instead go on a journey to study Yoga. She wanted to learn more about why people are the way that they are, and was interested in learning how to utilize the principles of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, to guide people through their personal struggles. 


After her 200hr study at Yoga Underground in Chadds Ford via One-Yoga's YTT lead by Susan Smith, Katie went forward to study nutrition and receive her certification through Precision Nutrition while she was working at her local lululemon. Since she had always been an athlete, in love with fitness, and had been a coach for travel volleyball, Katie wanted to work with individuals on a 1:1 coaching basis to manage their nutrition according to their goals. Having lots of connections with young athletes, an influence in the DE/PA Yoga and Crossfit community (thanks to working at lululemon), and thousands of followers on her social media, Katie had a multitude of people with a variety of goals-- and she wanted to help as many people as possible. While Katie was looking around at different Nutrition Coaching companies to apply to, she quickly realized that there weren't any that emphasized and focused on the personal/mental work... something that she felt was unavoidable and necessary. 

She decided to quit her job at lululemon, and focus all of her time and energy into building her own business and brand that was all encompassing of what she believed created a lasting lifestyle change. 

It started off as just Katie taking on a few clients, and has now turned into an entire staff of coaches that believe in Katie and FNF's message behind the importance of self-reflection, journaling, and patience through their journey. They host seminars, workshops, and have an Affiliate Program that has grown through the DE/PA/NJ area.


Functional Nutrition Fitness became a real business in August of 2018 and has proudly changed many lives-- physically and mentally.

"You can quit alcohol, you can quit drugs, but you can't quit food."

-Katie Podralski

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