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What is Expected of Clients...

Our clients are expected to weigh, measure, and track their food into an app called Myfitnesspal. You can read more about our Nutrition Coaching here. This is not because we are expecting them to restrict themselves, but most people are very unaware of what their current intake looks like. You can read more about our approach and beliefs in tracking food, here. If we just gave an individual a calorie goal, such as 1800 calories/day, they could technically fill those calories with just cake and ice cream. We are focused on making sure our clients are eating a balanced diet consisting of the carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber necessary for optimal health while guiding them towards their goals. Consistency is the name of the game, and we love to see clients focus on it. 

Clients are expected to put their best effort forward. Our coaches do an amazing job at holding clients accountable, give them ample tools/habits, support them with education and a weekly plan to support their goals... But they can't force people to work.

Think of it as being on a sports team. Your coach is at practice, ready to give you the drills, plan, push you to hustle & grind, and has winning on the mind... The one thing your coach cannot do for you is drive you to practice. You must be willing to put effort in. We do not expect perfection, we know that there will be mess-ups and times that things do not go as planned, but there is zero excuse for not trying to be 1% better every day. 


"There are two things a man should never ask a woman-- her age and her weight. However, Blaine asks me the second question every single week but because of him, each week I feel a little better answering. Initially, the male coach/ female client dynamic was quite nerve-wracking. Like many other women, I have plenty of insecurities about my body and a grocery list of things I wish I could change. So as a female, opening up to my male coach at my most vulnerable state, physically and mentally, was something with which I wasn’t exactly comfortable but this experience is nothing like I had ever expected. I have been able to be open and honest with Blaine throughout this entire process and never once felt any sort of judgment, even on my worst days. The best part about having Blaine as my coach is that he is always in my corner celebrating every single win, big or small. No matter what the accomplishment, Blaine has provided me unconditional support in and out of the gym which has cultivated an unexpected but awesome relationship between the two of us. He has become someone that I can trust completely and I couldn’t ask for a better person or coach to stand by my side during my nutrition and fitness journey."

Things are clients are saying...

"I got in touch with Katie to drop weight as quickly as possible. I was feeling bloated, fatigued, and had little confidence in myself. Little to my surprise that wasn't how getting fit works. Katie's coaching opened my eyes on how to truly lead a nutrient rich lifestyle with no restrictions! I've never felt better in my life and look forward to progressing even further through her knowledge."

"Day in and out, whenever I need advice or have questions, my coach is there to educate me and provide me with the information and support I need to succeed. I can honestly say that I've never been this happy (physically and mentally) and she has been a huge part of that over the past few months. It's great to be able to work with someone who is truly dedicated to ensuring her clients are working towards becoming the best (and healthiest) versions of themselves. Can't wait to see what new goals we crush together!"

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